You want to make a deposit on a newborn litter---under 3 weeks old

       *Note that this option is only available if we have provided all of the families on our deposit list with a puppy. The standing deposit list has precedence over any new deposits. This is not often a choice, and cannot be counted on. If you are sure you want a puppy from us, please check out this page instead!*

As puppies from a litter are not selected until 3 weeks of age, the process here is almost exactly like the process lined out for an unborn litter. When you visit our current and upcoming litters page, you can find our available newborns listed along with the price of the puppies in that litter. Each litter with available puppies will have a "Pay Now" button, and all you have to do is click, and follow the instructions. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account----you can also securely use your debit or credit card information. Deposits are $500, are non-refundable, and go towards the total price of your puppy. When you send your deposit, PLEASE follow up by sending us an email through (also available on our contact us page) that includes your name and contact information. We would like to be given your first and last name, the best email address to reach you at, at least one phone number (preferably two), and the best time to reach you. We will be in touch with you shortly!
       If you have a strong preference for either a male or a female, deposit is the time to make that known. Note that choosing male or female will bind you to choose among only those puppies in the litter. If you do not have a preference on gender, you will have selection of all of the puppies available in the litter when your turn comes.
       We will then update you weekly with pictures of each individual puppy. Specific selection of puppies begins at 3 weeks old, in order of deposits received. This helps us make sure all puppies are going and growing strong before selection, and allows you to see pictures of, and get a feel for, each puppy. We also choose 3 weeks so that they are moving around and you can see pictures with their eyes open.
       In order to lock in your puppy selection, we require a payment of $1000 (for deposits made 7/28/19 and after) within 24 hours of selecting. This will combine with your $500 deposit toward the total price of your puppy. This helps us to be confident in your commitment to be a family for your new puppy. Our first commitment is to our puppies, and we must make sure that they have a home to go to!
       From the 4 week mark on, your weekly pictures will be focused on your new little one!