AKC Champion Line Cockapoos

When we decided to pick up raising Cockapoo puppies, we began by researching the breed---the pros, the cons, and the common problems with how they are raised---then we sat down to decide on what we would absolutely never compromise on. What did we come up with? A small group of exceptional dogs who will ensure that you are getting a Cockapoo of quality that we have yet to see offered by any other breeder in the United States. We are not a fly-by-night operation that set ourselves up on a whim.....our dogs were purposefully sought for months to years and raised here on our working farm. As you can tell by our Great Pyrenees, hogs, and cattle, we are people who do things a bit differently in all areas we work in. Coming from generations of animal husbandry experience, and working on the farm daily from 5 years old, you can be sure that our dogs are respected and we take stewardship of their lives very seriously. Don't be fooled by "farms" and "ranches" built of concrete and chain link, taking advantage of "hybrid fever" by criss-crossing a few poodles with multiple dog breeds. When your pup is born here, you can be sure they come from an excellent environment!

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1. Why the cockapoo?

Why did we choose the Cockapoo? Click below for a run down on the breed and what all the confusing "F1, F1b, F2, multigen, etc" stuff is about----and why we only raise "The Original" F1 Cockapoo!

2. Why mill creek family farms?

A run down on the red-flags of this breed and the issues with how they are commonly raised in the United States ---- and how we do it differently! Here is what makes us the best!

3. meet your pup's parents!

Come meet our parent (and future parent) dogs! Carefully selected, and only with the highest standards to make sure your puppy is the best! We only bring in quality----to make sure we only give you quality!

4. Reserve your puppy!

Once you've read about the breed, our practices, and met our parent dogs....all that's left is to reserve your new companion and begin years of enjoyment!










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