Check out our puppies in their homes!

We love puppy updates! Here are some we have received from our puppy families showing off how their beautiful Mill Creek F1 Cockapoo has grown!

Since we do raise only F1 Cockapoos, and only from high quality, purebred, AKC Champion line parents, our puppies look and coat are VERY consistent——and end up with the low-non shedding, medium curl, low-non allergy coat that has made the F1 Cockapoo so popular in the US since the 1950’s! Keep in mind as you scroll through pictures, though, these dogs in their homes can look very different based on their owner’s grooming preferences, or the time since grooming when their picture was taken!

“She is such a sweetie.  We are loving her!!”

“Accident free so far in the house and crate!! Thank you again for all you guys did it raising these great puppies.”

“It’s hard to believe so much time has past Angel is 7 mos and bright intelligent sweet and adorable.”

“He is enjoying his new home and is already spoiled rotten.”

“11 week birthday yesterday and she is doing well. She can ring the bell when we go outside, I think she may think that potty IS “ring the bell”. Which is actually ok! She sits, although a little impatient, but she is so smart. She sleeps  8 hours a night.”

“He just had his second vet appointment and got a great bill of health!”

“Currently weighs 16 pounds. A great addition to our family!”

“Stella discovered that she is going to be a Certified Therapy Dog when she grows up! She is so smart and friendly. I love her very much and couldn’t be happier with the pup I got from you. I’m sure everyone feels the same about their dogs.”

“We have just been talking about possibly getting a second dog from you.”

“Thanks again for both of you being great to with through this whole process.”

“Miss Eva is ready for advanced off leash training then it will be on to agility!  What a great dog we have!  We love her!”

“I have had a wonderful adventure with Sabeen growing into her new puppyhood each week. She is a sweet, intelligent, sensitive and wickedly fast puppy. She has learned so much so fast. I am of the belief that she may take the keys to my car and drive at some point.”

“He is a sweet, smart, fun, inquisitive, charming little guy!  He obviously has been dearly loved!”

“Thank you again for everything, you have been amazing.”

“She has been on 6 plane trips and is a champ and better behaved than most adults and kids on the plane. I must say Alaska Airlines is smitten with her each time we board. Her fur and health is spot on as you bred her. It’s amazing how much this is made obvious over each week.”

“He is a very active little guy, smart, fun, charming, a lover of all people and fellow dogs.”

“We love Charlie so much!  Had to share this pic!  His personality is hilarious!  He loves swimming in the pool and riding on floats with the kids.  Thank you.”

“Just met with the nutritionist today to go over hair analysis and he was quite impressed how well he looked….Looks great and reveals the strong genetic line he came from.”

“He is super smart and loves the swimming pool and sprinklers.”

“I enjoy Angel so much she’s become very special to me.”

“Benne is amazing. Slept thru the flight. I held him on take off and landing. Then when we got home he peed in his liter box. Ate some and drank. Chewed on a bone. Went to see grandkids they are in love. Sending pics of them. And now he is out cold.”

“He has so much potential—smart, agile, loving.”

“She is doing great. She is in shop dog training and is very behaved. Very smart.”

“Thanks again for the whole experience from beginning to end. I’m not sure how you do it with all the animals and young ones around, but you’ve got it figured out. I will definitely recommend others to you. All the neighborhood kids were asking their parents for a dog just like Blu.”

“Smart, smart smart….I am challenged to stay a step ahead of him!”

“Outstanding at the vet. She had tears, she said great choice, adorable and he looks amazing.”

“She seems to have a little obsession with the women’s soccer team who stops early morning to give her hugs and kisses. This is all to say she is loved by everyone she meets.”

“So, so, so smart.”

“Just wanted to say thank you!!!!!  Bowie arrived safely and we are over the moon! We love him!!!!”

“He loves to watch TV. His favorites are the doggy Subaru commercials, Fixer Upper, and ugh-football!”

“We just wanted to let you know she is settling in nicely and we love her more each day.”

“I took Bailey in for her first vet visit yesterday and he said she is “beautiful and in great shape”.”

“We love her so much. She is bright and playful and beautiful! Here are a couple pics for you to enjoy. Thanks for the wonderful puppy. Hope all is well with you.”

“Very playful at times and then just mellow and happy to lay in a lap.”

“We took him to the vet this week. Our much beloved vet said he is super healthy and was impressed with how thorough your process is. He took your website to suggest to his own daughter’s family!”

“Just wanted to give you her 5 month update. She is doing great and is a friendly, happy little girl.”

“He has consistently used the litter box (in his pen per your suggestion).”

“She’s a bit over three months and she is a delight.   Energetic, curious, smart and very cute.  She loves people and she’s a big hit wherever we go.  She’s learning fast and when she is one year, I will get her certified as a therapy dog.”

“He is incredibly agile, and his form when he is running is quite a sight to behold!”

“We couldn’t be happier and it was well worth the trip to meet you and to pick her up.”

“I am just so grateful she is mine. I wanted to say thank you again for raising such incredible and healthy dogs. I am a fan woman and tell all who stop me.”

“Thanks for all of your patience, information and for doing such a good job raising these wonderful dogs!”

“Lando slept most of the way home, but he wasn’t ready to potty when he first woke up, so we got back on the road. About 20 minutes later he reached up toward <my husband’s> face and whined once so we pulled off at the next exit and he went right after we set him in the grass. We are so grateful for the foundation in potty training you started.”

“Amazing. Words just aren’t enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have given us all we hoped for and more.”

“He’s starting to learn commands pretty well. He can sit, dance, go potty, and chase his tail. We’re working on down, come, and heel too. He’s so smart!”

“She’s a wonderful little girl!  Thank you again so much for giving back that little soul in my house.”

“Thanks again, we could not be happier with our little guy!!! We have had many friends and family stop by to meet him. All agree he is cutest puppy ever!!”

“Just wanted to let you know how much joy this little guy is bringing to our family! We can’t even imagine life without him! Thank you for all your help in making our dreams a reality! He has stolen our hearts!”

“We thank you for all of your care, dedication, work, endless time to bring such beautiful puppies into this world. They will bring much joy to many people!”

“She is an absolute joy, great disposition, and very laid back. This speaks to the kindness, love, and wonderful job you are doing.”

“Finally, wanted to say thank you and tell you what a delight Comet is. I have 3 friends who are thinking about getting one from your site now that they have seen him. Even my pet averse sister is considering getting one for my two nephews!”

“Maui is an AMAZING puppy!!! We couldn't be happier with him :) He has adjusted seamlessly to his new home and has so much love to give us all the time. He is funny and playful and just the sweetest.”

“I’m attaching a picture of our daughter with him. They are now virtually inseparable.”

“Here is Lawford celebrating his first birthday in Corsica, France. It turns out he is quite a ladies man and a beach boy! Time for a yoghurt ice cream (which is a favourite). He is happy and healthy!”

“We are really enjoying Kevin, he’s a very sweet boy:).  I’ve attached a few pictures for you.”

“He is a very good listener. He knows sit, shake, pray, comes when I call him, potty, eat, <various family member names>, bird, outside, stay, walk, go to bed, oh treat, good boy, toys, water and somewhat down and no bite. For being almost 3 months that is amazing.”

“I decided to get the Embark DNA test done and out of 176 health genes tested he was not at risk for any of them or even a carrier so it is a testament to the quality of breeding of his parents.”

“Again we are beyond blessed to have you as our breeder. I know God led us to you. For that we are very thankful.”

“You run such a quality program with so much thought and care. He still has the blanket and rope giraffe you sent home with him and loves them both. He’s smart and funny and will spend the whole day cuddling with any family member who doesn’t feel good, whether sick or injured.”

“Our vet saw her this morning and he was ecstatic about her--"perfect health!"“

“We truly enjoy Lando and are so glad to have him in our family. Thank you again for doing such a fantastic job!”

“Hope all is well with your family.  We are all so in love with Charlie!  He is such an important part of our family.  We are seriously thinking about adding to your wait list for another.”

“Griffin has been doing great.  He is full of energy, healthy, and very playful. … I was thinking about potentially getting a second dog to add to the family.”

“Thanks again for your thoughtful approach and great communication.”

“He is curious, adventuresome and seems to have an endless amount of energy.  He’s a happy puppy and a joy to have around.”

“They are about 1 1/2 years now and don’t they look like twins! Thought you would like to see just how wonderful they are doing!”

“He has put himself to bed every night around 10 (we go to bed around 12 so this was unexpected)  - no yelping or anything.”

“We are loving Tucker!! His personality really has come out!! He is so spoiled already!! When I work he goes to the office with my mom!! Thanks again you are the best!! Passing your name out!!”

“We had a neighborhood event last night and Zeus met many people (including his vet who he will see Tuesday) - he spent the night either in some kids arms or his pen (to showoff with his toys) and he has been super happy.”

“He is now 8.5 months and he is a real sweetheart .. and so intelligent (and bilingual.. Swedish and English).”

“You have been fabulous with the communication as we went through the process I am not sure how you did it all.”

“She is so smart and such a good pup. I know how much care you take with them so I wanted to be sure and send you an update.”

“She is a hoot and if I might say so so well behaved.”

“We had a very quiet trip and she behaved beautifully. I was very proud of her.”

“You give them so much care and love. That is why you have people from all over country wanting one of your pups.”

“We slept all through the night and she crawled right up next to me and sacked out.”

“Thank you again, we are so happy with our new fur baby.”

“She’s been doing well the last few nights.  She whimpered a little bit the first night, but has not made a sound the last two nights!  I couldn’t believe it.  This crate thing really works!”

“He is happy tail keeps waging. Wants to be by me 24/7. So sweet. And he listens to me. Couldn’t ask for a better pup.”

“Thanks so much!  Holly has been an outstanding dog in every way!  My 12 year old son often asks my wife and I if anyone else has a cuter dog than Holly.”

“Oh he is a delight. Learns so fast. And we love him.”

“13 weeks old today and just had her very first groomer appointment this morning. She did not like it one bit! But, omg, is she cute!”

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for offering us this sweet pup.”

“11 months old now and just a beauty! She is my sweetie and loves everyone. Such a good girl, just got to keep the socks out of her reach! She thinks “steal the sock and run” is the best game topped only by fetch. Boy is she quick! Thanks again for the my healthy, happy girl.”

“Bruno is doing great! He is 16 pounds and we absolutely love him. What a personality! Thank you.”

“We are working her towards agility training. She is my daughter’s best friend.”

“He is a wonderful dog! He was 18lbs at his most recent vet visit. I think that will be the max for him.”

“I happened to click your latest you tube video of Lily’s litter and he heard your voice and began looking for you! Kind of broke my heart, but I just wanted to let you know he hasn’t forgot where he came from! Kinda of makes me wish we would have gotten two puppies.”

“Vienna is doing great. The kids adore her, and you're right--she is very sweet.”

“This is so amazing. She’s beautiful. She’s just perfect.”

“She is completely house broken, she rings a bell to go potty outside.  We removed the last of the baby gates last week. She learns very quickly as she is quite smart. Her favorite thing to do is play catch and fetch. She catches the ball in flight now!”

“I just can't believe how smart he is.”

“Thanks again for everything! We are home safe and sound and Milo did a great job on the long ride. :)”

“Turned 1 on April 6th. Here is her pic, happy, healthy and cute as ever!”

“Charlie is doing great and seems to be so happy!  We all love him so much already.  Thank you!”

“So glad we found someone we can trust.”

“He’s quite the attention hog and loves playing with animals and humans.”

“For anyone with little ones, he is so patient with our son.  They cuddle in the mornings and run wild during the day.”

 “She was an angel. We are at home safe and sound.”

“She’s been a great, happy dog and my whole family is crazy about her!”

“I have no doubt that we picked the right breeder and will give us an amazing pup. … You have made us one HAPPY family. … From the bottom of our hearts thankyou so so so much.”

“She is sweet, playful, athletic, and sometimes enjoys doing her own thing...She is loved very much!!!”

“Thank you for being an amazing place to work with, we will keep you updated for sure!”

“She still loves to run and jump and she went camping and on a float trip. She’s a real water dog now!”

“We love him so much and are so thankful we chose Mill Creek Family Farms.”

“It’s soooo cold!…..And she loves it, but won’t stop ringing the bell to go out!!”

“We are very happy with her, she loves our family and they love her.”

“It's been a couple months with our Maggie now and all is well!”

“She is doing great! Happy and healthy. She has been taking doggie classes here and is being trained by some great folks.”

“Love her! She’s such a snuggler!”

“Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our family.”

“Eva is doing well – getting used to our routine. She’s a delight. Thanks!”

“Thank you for your kindness.” 

“I know for sure we have chosen the right breeder.”

“We’re gearing up to get his European Union passport soon as we will be staying in Italy this year!”

“Hi – we are thinking about adding a 2nd Cockapoo <from Mill Creek Family Farms>. Do you have an estimate of how long your waiting list will take?”

“Only one accident with potty training. He is so very smart! I have already taught him how to sit!”

“Thanks a bunch we absolutely love her.”

“Just wanted to let you know that Angel is a delight to have around.  She is very smart.  You can see her learning things very easily.”