Current & Planned Litters

     ALL Mill Creek Cockapoo puppies will come from heavily championed lines both from their AKC American Cocker Spaniel Mama and AKC French Poodle Daddy. Each of these puppies will go home with a printed pedigree showing 6 generations leading up to each parent, combining to show 93 to 174 champions of their breed from around the world! To our knowledge, these puppies are the only Cockapoo puppies of their caliber available. They will be registered with American Cockapoo Club.

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Our current price on puppies is $2800. $500 of which will be a non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot in line, $1000 (deposits made after 7/28/19) of which will be due when puppies are chosen (usually 3 to 4 weeks old), and the remaining $1300 in cash at pick-up, or to clear by PayPal or money order prior to pick-up. If you get on the list, and then there aren't enough puppies for you to have one from a current litter, you will be bumped, in order, to the following litter, with the price you deposited at locked in. Until your deposit it made, we want to make sure you know that prices are subject to change at any time.

You can read more in-depth information about the purchasing process and how it works here.


our future puppy families:

You can make a deposit to be added to our list at any time. PLEASE make sure you have read over our website, and called (660-254-4300) or emailed ( to have any questions answered prior to depositing as deposits are non refundable.

As you look at the current list, please note the families that have a date by their names. These families are waiting to take a puppy until after the date listed. This does change the speed at which the list moves for new families wanting a puppy as soon as possible, and does mean you are not truly “behind” as many people as it appears!

We are excited to work with you and will be in touch!

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CURRENT LITTERS (Click on Mama's name to see her babies grow!)
Candy - September 15, 2019
Jane - October 19, 2019

Jesse x John Wayne & Davy Crockett - November 4, 2019
Rebecca x John Wayne - November 15, 2019

Keep in mind as you look at current and expected litters, just like people, although pregnancy, delivery, and newborn periods often go perfectly—the early stages of life are very fragile! We want to keep everyone up to date with all the knowledge we have, but everyone must remember that deposits are on our program—not a certain time period, pairing, color, or marking.

We expect to have puppies regularly throughout the year! If timing is important to you, you are welcome to call or email and get our best current estimate. However, we are unable to guarantee a time period for any puppy.

Cockapoo Puppy Deposit
Payment 2 *ONLY those who have selected a specific puppy*

*Payment 2 amount is valid for families who deposited prior to 7/28/2019. Families who deposited on or after this date will owe $1000 at selection.

Final Payment *ONLY for those ready to bring puppy home*

Deposit List - These families have made their deposit and are waiting for their puppy to be born:

  1. J in New York - Female Jane’s litter #1!
    2. N in Minnesota - Female Jane’s litter #2!
    3. D in Michigan - Female Jane’s litter #3!
    4. P in California - Either - after 1/1/20
    5. C in DC - Either - Summer 2020
    6. B in Colorado - Either - Summer 2020
    7. P in Montana - Male Jane’s litter #4!
    8. R in Washington - Female - after 5/1/20
    9. J in Florida - Male
    10. MS in California - Female
    11. S in Virginia - Female
    12. K in California - Female - after 5/1/20
    13. N in Illinois - Either
    14. C in Illinois - Female
    15. MH in California - Either
    16. T in Washington - Either - after 3/1/20
    17. B in Maryland - Either - Fall 2020
    18. J in Texas - Male
    19. H in New York - Either
    20. E in Washington - Male - after 5/1/21
    21. E in Washington - Female - after 5/1/21
    22. D in Washington - Either
    23. J in Florida - Either
    24. D in Illinois - Either
    25. T in Michigan - Male
    26. S in Illinois - Either
    27. B in Illinois - Female - after 4/1/20
    28. D in California - Either
    29. P in Pennsylvania - Male - November 2020
    30. B in Michigan - Either
    31. L in Washington - Male - Spring 2020
    32. ***Your Name Here!!***

if you are new to our program, here is what we suggest you read to learn about us and our unique and superior program:

1. Why the Cockapoo?

2. Why Mill Creek Family Farms?

3. Meet your pup's parents!

4. Puppy Purchase Process

5. Frequently Asked Questions



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