Our AKC Poodle Males


AKC John Wayne

Here's our "Johnny Boy"!

Our Cockapoo adventure began when we brought our little "cotton ball" John Wayne home at 10 weeks old. He was shipped to us from Florida, and when we picked him up at the airport, puppy, crate, blankets, food, and all weighed in at a whopping 5 lbs! What a difference this little white fluff was from our big white fluffs (we also raise Great Pyrenees on our farm) at home!! John Wayne (or "JW" as we sometimes call him) is actually AKC Mill Creek's John Wayne and----although you can't tell around here as he jumps in mud puddles and plays on the farm----this little 10 pound guy is actually a heavily champion lined macho man out of big show lines around the country and in Argentina! Names like Zamora, Norbelma, and Dalin fill his pedigree, boasting 54 AKC champions, Grand Champions, Argentinian Champions, Argentinian Grand Champions, Canadian Champions, and International Champions in the 6 generations leading up to him. He also has 34 dogs on the papers we will send home with your puppy that were awarded the Top Producer award, which is an award given to dogs who have a certain number of offspring go on to finish their championship----sometimes I laugh to think what some of the breeders of his ancestors would think of the little guy running around chasing chickens on a hog and cattle farm in Iowa! :) Either way, we are thankful for the generations of work the breeders before us have done as it has provided us with a healthy, sturdy, smart, and spunky little man who loves his life and makes us laugh----and who is a beautiful, show quality example of the poodle breed standard. JW is the best of both worlds!


AKC Davy Crockett

Whew! It took us forever to find this guy! Poodle breeders are very specific about selling dogs and leaving breeding options open. Finding a breeder who would work with us outside of a neuter contract while still giving us AKC registration was a trick in a dog of Davy's caliber! He is a beautiful chocolate boy with a great coat, and if you look closely, he has some silver mixed in. He is a very calm guy who will sit for hours and let you pet him! His 6 generation pedigree is made up of 78 Champions, Canadian Champions, English Champions, and Grand Champions with 44 AKC Top Producers. He is an amazing little man and we expect him to finish out around 10 pounds-----just the right size for our "King of the Wild Frontier!!"


Our AKC Cocker Mamas


AKC Annie

AKC Champion Sired "Annie Oakley" is an amazing girl from amazing bloodlines! Coming heavily from the well known Julre Cocker lines, and her father is AKC American Champion. Annie is a sweet and well-mannered girl who loves to be around people, and loves to play ball! In her 6 generation pedigree, you will find 76 American, International, Canadian, American Grand, and Mexican Champions. Her quality can't be beat, and we are happy to have her as part of our family!


AKC Rebecca

Rebecca is an AKC American Cocker Spaniel, and the first puppy we brought into our program! When we made the drive to Illinois in a snow storm to pick our new 8 week old girl up, our jaws dropped as the breeder stepped out with this beautiful gal. We learned that pictures cannot do justice to a cocker spaniel puppy!!! She was absolutely the most gorgeous puppy we had ever seen in our lives.....and we've seen puppies!! Rebecca is a sable color with parti markings. She is out of heavily championed AKC lines and has 39 AKC American, Canadian, and International Champions on their 6 generation pedigree. In addition, 4 of these dogs are recognized by the AKC with Registry of Merit---meaning they were producers of enough puppies who finished their own AKC Championships, that they were titled because of it! Due to all of the room there is for poor quality and issues in the Cockapoo---the best quality in our parent dogs is of utmost importance to us, and Becca-Boo fits the bill!


AKC Hazel

Hazel is a Champion Sired AKC American Cocker Spaniel with 68 AKC American, Canadian, and International Champions in her 6 generation bloodlines, as well as obedience and agility titles---and one of her ancestors who will be on the papers that you bring home with your new puppy was the AM/CAN/INT/MX GR/UCI/FCI/WORLD JR Champion!! This means that outside of winning championships and grand championships all over North America, they also won in three different world championships!! Beyond that, 2 of the dogs on her papers received their Registry of Merit, meaning they had enough of their offspring finish to AKC Champion that they were recognized with a special title. Not only that, but Hazel has 5 on her papers who received their Legacy of Merit----this means that they were dogs who received their Registry of Merit, who went on to have at offspring earn their own Registry of Merit!!! No doubt, this top quality girl brings the best of the best to her puppies!! Not to mention, she is just as cute as she could possibly be! Hazel chocolate merle with parti markings. She also has one hazel and one blue eye.....can you guess where we got her name? ;)


AKC Candy

Candy is a super sweet (no pun intended, haha!) girl who came to join us from her family in Tennessee! She got to ride home with my sister and brother-in-law following their vacation and my two year old niece cried when I picked Candy up from their home-----she wanted to keep her! Candy is a girl who you fall in love with immediately. She has a very calm demeanor and is great with children! She is a beautiful black and tan with a white chin, white chest, and white toes. And to top it all off, there are 68 Champions and 5 Registry and Legacy of Merit dogs listed in the 6 generations leading up to our beautiful Candy! We are so happy to have her at our home :)

Our Future AKC Cocker Mamas


AKC Ginger

This sweet little gal came to us from Washington! She is a snuggly little girl that we brought in as a pup, and we sure enjoy her :) Her pedigree shows champion dogs from all around the globe——Russia, Peru, England, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and others have left their mark on her 59 Champion pedigree! She is a buff/red girl, and has a bit of white chrome, with cute little red freckles on her nose to top it off. We are so proud of her, and look forward to meeting her puppies starting in 2019!

14 weeks.JPG

AKC Jane

Oh, Janie! What a funny girl! We are so happy to have her and her littermate, Jessie, here as hopefuls for our program! They come from wonderful lines, with 82 AKC Champions, 4 Registry of Merit dogs, and 9 Legacy of Merit dogs in her pedigree. Jane and Jessie joined our family as young puppies, and we hope to welcome their puppies in 2019. A unique fact about Jane and Jessie——their mother is a 1/2 sister to our Hazel! We are so excited to have Jane growing up here with us, and can’t wait to see her future pups!

14 weeks.JPG

AKC Jessie

Here is our girl Jessie——a sweet snuggler who also knows how to play! Jessie and her littermate sister Jane were added to our program as young puppies, and we are hopeful to meet both of their first puppies in 2019! Jessie’s AKC pedigree shows 82 AKC Champions, 4 dogs that earned their AKC Registry of Merit, and 9 dogs that earned their Legacy of Merit. Excellent lines!! And an interesting little bit of information——Jessie and her sister Jane were born to our merle girl Hazel’s 1/2 sister! What a small world!









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