Great Pyrenees FAQ

  • Is there a difference between solid white puppies and marked puppies?

    • The only difference in these puppies is their coloring. The AKC description names a dog who "He has a white or principally white coat that may contain markings of badger, gray, or varying shades of tan." So solid white or marked largely comes down to personal preference. However, we do encourage homes not to get too hung up on specific marking--or lack thereof--as the markings will fade significantly, and often disappear, over time. Here is an example in our very own Sammy: these two are pictures of her taken 11 weeks apart. See how much fading had already taken place? A Pyr will keep the black liner around the eye, the black nose and lip lines, and a heavily marked dog may keep a light shading around the face and ears and possibly a trim at the edge of the ears. However, markings almost always greatly fade.

  • Are your dogs good with kids?

    • Oh my goodness, YES! Great Pyrenees as a breed, and our dogs as individuals, are EXCELLENT with children. We have very young children who don't always understand being gentle. Our dogs have been rolled on, laid on, ridden, squeezed, pulled, poked, and prodded, and we have never had ANY sort of an issue whatsoever with any signs of aggression. In fact, your new puppy will begin to see your children as one of their charges, and will do anything to protect them. They are very in-tune, and an excellent friend and protector. We have heard many stories of Pyrs walking between "their" children and roads or ponds and not allowing the children to cross. In our opinion, you won't find a better kid or family dog!


  • How are the dogs around other animals?

    • Great! Great Pyrenees, as a breed, are animal guardians by instinct. That said, we have heard others say they have not had good luck with Pyrs who came from a situation where they were not around other animals as puppies. Our puppies are born out on the farm and spend their time here "on the job" with mom and dad. This helps to trigger their instinct, and helps them to see other animals as something to be protected. When you bring a puppy home from our farm, they will have been exposed to chickens, pigs, other dogs (large and small), cattle, cats, and whatever else we happen to have here at the time....rabbits, goats, etc. If this doesn't encompass what you have at home, don't worry! The important thing is not that they are around the specific species you will bring them home to, but that they have experience with other animals. And if you add in another species later, it shouldn't be a big deal. Pyrs don't like anything out of order, so they may be confused for the first few days as a new species could be viewed as an intruder. However, we have had very good luck with keeping anything new penned up for a few days and letting the dogs see us feed and care for the newcomer. In this situation, we have never had issue with aggression from the dogs.....even with free roaming rabbits!

  • How are puppies priced?

    • Our prices are subject to change, based on demand and current situation, but our current price is $1250.

    • $350.00 of that is required as a non-refundable deposit in order to lock-in your spot in line, a payment of $300 is due when you select your specific puppy, and the remaining $600 is due in cash when puppy goes home!

    • Click here to see current & upcoming litters.

  • How are puppies chosen?

    • We do not reserve a puppy or consider him or her sold until we have a deposit made. So, to choose a puppy, you decide which one you want, and then make a deposit. For the last several years, all of our puppies have had deposits prior to birth. In this case, the depositor specifies whether they are making a deposit on a male or female (or if they have no preference!), and then choice is in order of how deposits were received. If any pups are available after birth, new depositors will have to wait to choose their puppy until those who made deposits prior to the birth of the litter have chosen.


  • Do you ship puppies?

    • We do! We have shipped puppies all over the country. Shipping a puppy includes several things, and airline prices are subject to change, so check with us on current rates, but this should give a good idea.

      Airline approved travel crate w/ travel accessories ~ $65

      Vet check w/ acclimation papers ~ $50

      Our travel cost for extra vet visit and airport travel ~ $150

      Airline cost ~ $300 at time of typing. Again, this price is our of our control and may change at any time. Also, keep in mind that cold or hot weather go home times may raise price of travel for limited climate controlled space on select airlines.

                3% Paypal fee reimbursement for anything paid through Paypal, except for deposit (we cover deposit fees)

Previous puppy "Oshie" in her airline kennel, ready to fly to Maine!

Previous puppy "Oshie" in her airline kennel, ready to fly to Maine!

  • What do your puppies come with?

    • A sample of their current food. This allows you to switch little tummies over gently to whatever you decide to feed. We will be in touch with puppy families to help you prepare!

    • First vaccine (We do have options for families who would like to skip this with your pup!)

    • Health record for you to take to your vet

    • A full preventative worming schedule completed

  • How do I make a deposit?

    • In order to reserve a puppy, we require a deposit. Our current deposit amount is $350, and this goes toward the total purchase price of the puppy. Families usually make this deposit through Paypal. You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to use the link, and you can pay with credit or debit card as well. However, we do have other options available if you prefer. Please contact us if you are interested in learning about alternate forms of deposit payment. You can make a deposit on a puppy at any time.

      • If it is for an litter that hasn’t been born yet, visit our current and upcoming litters page, and click on the paypal link to make a deposit by the litter you are interested in, paying attention to whether you would like a male, female, or have no preference. This reserves a puppy in that litter, and you will be notified when it is your turn to select a specific puppy.

      • Although it hasn’t happened for a couple of years, we may occasionally have a puppy available that has already been born. If you are interested in making a deposit on a puppy that has already been born, visit our current and upcoming litters page, find the puppy you are interested in, and click on the paypal link to make a deposit next to that puppy's picture. This will reserve that specific puppy for you.

  • What happens after I make a deposit?

    • After you make a deposit, you will receive updates for anything Pyrenees related on our farm :) Once a litter is born that has your puppy, we will update you weekly with pictures and information. We send these out via e-mail to keep you updated on exactly what is going on with your puppy and the litter, and this continues until you bring your puppy home. Around week five, we will start working with you to make plans for meeting to bring your puppy home. We are available for any questions you may have in this period by email or by phone.

  • What if I make a deposit, then have something come up?

    • Our deposits are non-refundable, but are widely transferrable. You can come back to us at any time and decide to use a standing deposit on a Great Pyrenees puppy in a future litter, beef, pork, or one of our feeder pigs or Cockapoo puppies. The prices at the time of purchase will apply.


  • When is full payment due?

    • A puppy can be paid in full at any time. Some people choose to pay in full at the time of deposit, while others wait until pick-up. **If you pay your remaining balance via Paypal, we do add 3% to cover fees----we cover the fees on your deposit** We do require that payment in full is cleared BEFORE the puppy go with you.

      • If the puppy is shipped, we require payment in full to clear before we ship the puppy. We will discuss this with our long distance families to make sure everything is in order in plenty of time before puppy's shipping date.

      • If the puppy is to be picked up, there are two options.

        • We accept CASH at the time of pick-up. If you do not feel comfortable bringing cash...

        • We accept Paypal, but it must be paid no later than puppy’s 7 week birthday.

A few puppies "on the job" with mom.

A few puppies "on the job" with mom.

  • When do I get to bring my puppy home?

    • Our puppies go home at 8 weeks of age. Plans will be discussed via email with depositors as the time approaches to take puppies home.


  • Can I come to the farm and meet the puppies?

    • This has been a tough one for us. We love to see where our animals come from, and would love for you to come and visit where your puppy comes from. However, with all the projects we have going, we could have people we don't know at our house on a very regular basis! For several reasons, mainly safety of our family and disease/illness for our animals, we do not have buyers come to our home. Because of this decision, we have worked hard to build a very detailed and transparent website to "show you around" our farm. We include many pictures of our parent dogs, from puppy-hood on up, so that you can "meet" them and see how they have grown and changed. We provide weekly picture updates of puppies to purchasing families in order for them to see how their puppies are growing and the environment that they are in. We are also open to phone calls and emails with any questions, are are very open and honest about our practices and what we do. I understand that not coming to the farm is an inconvenience for some, but we hope that you can put yourself in our shoes and try to understand why we have made the decision that we have.

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