Puppy Updates!

Puppy updates——or “PUP-dates” as we call them——are the highlights of our day! We love remaining in touch with so many of our families and seeing these babies grow! They are amazing dogs, and it warms our hearts to see them making others happy.

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“I can't speak highly enough of his temperament. Gentle and affectionate with everyone he encounters.”

“We have 2 goats. She will follow them around the pen, but when she is outside of it she will just sit and look around in different directions. "Just doing her job" quite amazing to watch.”

“These guys were awesome to work with. So kind to us, educated us on the breed and what to expect.....and Russell is PERFECT for our family! Highly recommend them!”

“She likes all the other dogs & they all like her. She is our chicken, yard dog & my house dog. And Jill's Shih Tzu protector.”

“Great to work with! Very responsive and very up to date with posts on puppies. We love our pup, Bowzer. So happy we went with this breeder to get our awesome "fluffy butt""

“He is outdoors 98% of his life but that other 2% he has my husband wrapped around his finger and becomes our indoor 140 pound lap dog.”

“We had lots of questions about the breed and the process of getting a dog. They were right there to answer any questions from start to the day we met to pick up!”

“She is very serious about duckling guarding, so I hope she likes the lambs just as much.”

“He loves to be outside and play with our other dogs, but also loves to come inside and snuggle. He’s a sweetheart and very good with everyone!”

“Here he is with my son, they are already buddies!”

“Our whole experience with you guys from the very beginning has been so smooth and easy. You kept us updated weekly with pictures and medical reports. The payment part was very easy too. The day she came to us, you gave us updates until we got her from the airport. You were honest about everything regarding her. Every time I emailed you with a question, you responded without hesitation. Our whole experience has been great. I would recommend anyone looking for a Great Pyr to you guys.”

“She is perfect in every way!”

“So thrilled to be able to give a home to one of your gorgeous puppies. Your farm is the best.”

“I love my Baylee to pieces & I was never fond of large dogs, always liked the smaller ones. Something about the pictures of her & her parents & the guardian story, farm raised just drew me to her so strongly, I just had to get her. Baylee has the softest kindest eyes & is docile & never jumps on me. I am 71 years old so I could not have a dog jumping up & knocking me down. This Dog is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!”

“Such a delight!  She gets along well with our Standard Poodle and all the family and cats.”

“Great LGD runs the coyotes but gentle with our animals. We are so happy with him and he is loved.”

“Before bed time always checks on everybody in their rooms. Rocky is the perfect dog for our family.”

“Gus is getting huge and we love it.”

“He has fit in on the farm very well. The last two weeks I have noticed him spending one to two hours a day just lying in the mare pen watching and studying them.”

“Mill Creek is great to work with and they have given me the best dog ever!!!!”

“He loves camping, working with humans in the office and policing our three little girls.”

“He is just shy of a year old and he is massive. A big beautiful white giant with the kindest heart.”

"He's the best boy and takes his job of protecting his goats very seriously!"


“She is doing amazing. Our little girl is 95 pounds, guess I really can't call her little. I can't tell you how much we love her. Thank you again.”

“He chases the cats occasionally, just for the sport of it, but lets them all sleep with him in his doghouse every night.”

“Omgosh he is the best pup ever. I love him so much. He is so calm for a pup and yet playful!!! I can't thank you enough.”

“He guards our home and barks at unfamiliar vehicles coming into our lane, and an occasional herd of deer or varmint on the farm. Otherwise he is quiet.”

“Amazing!!  We love him so much! Calmest puppy ever and he's learning his place with the goats.”

“He’s been a great addition to our family and he definitely runs the house!”

“I have been raving about your Farm to everyone - the east coast will be wanting more Mill Creek GP puppies!!!”

“He is a happy wonderful boy and we are so glad to have him. Thank you for bringing this joy into our lives.”

“You have the best puppies!”

“He's already got such a fun personality and has loved exploring the house!”

“Doing so well and. Growing like a weed. She has adapted to the sheep and goats so well.”

“He's gentle with the kids, especially with our 9 month old.”

“We love him!! Thank YOU!”

“We couldn’t be happier with him he’s a big sweetheart.”

“We are overwhelmed with joy in this house and can’t thank you enough!”

“Thank y’all again for making this so easy!”

“Sometimes its like you can carry on a conversation with her. If she's doing something you don't want her to, we tell her "No" she will walk away "talking", then go lay down.”

“She’s growing and growing and has such a sweet temperament. The kids LOVE her and she’s so patient with them.”

“Just thought I show you how beautiful our girl is. We are so happy everyday that she became part of our family. Thank you!”

“He is a great dog!!!!!”

“Through our initial conversations, I knew this family LOVED their Pyrenees and their hearts were in the right place for breeding these beautiful dogs. They educated us on the breed, told us what to expect, sent frequent pictures of our pup growing on their farm and were excited to hand over our new baby boy!”

“She is a beautiful puppy and everyone who sees her wants to pet her.”

“She's very obedient, and despite what I've read about the breed, she has been very easy to train.”

“We are in love with this sweet girl. She is incredible. Soooo calm and loving. Thank you so much!”

“He keeps up with our 8, 6, and 3 year old, enough to play around with them, but yet a gentle giant.”

“He has been the greatest addition to our family!”

“She is sweet, laid back & very smart. We love her to pieces.”

“He has the sweetest temperament and is so calm.”

“She is awesome!  Thanks for being awesome too!”

“What a great dog. She is the most playful, intelligent, loyal and amazing puppy.”

“Thank you for the most amazing dog.”

“He is getting to be a big boy and we all love him!”

“We love him so much, thank you!!”

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