Welcome to our Health Recommendations!

At this point in time, the products on this page apply mostly to our dogs, but we do plan to add more detail on our recommendations for cattle and hogs!


NuVet Vitamins

This is our absolute pet health must have---every dog that lives here absolutely received a tablet (or 1/2 tablet for Cockapoo puppies) EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. No exceptions! We researched many, many vitamins to help make sure our dogs were getting all they needed and NONE of them meet the standards of NuVet…..in fact all the others we reviewed are (in our opinion) a waste of money.

NuVet provides holistic, natural supplements to help with general health, filling immune gaps, and specific formulas for hip and joint health. All of their products are made with high quality, human grade components, in the USA, in a FDA registered human pharmaceutical facility, and are cold pressed to maintain the nutrients available from the awesome list of ingredients. Read more about these vitamins and why we use them for EVERY dog on our farm and recommend them for EVERY puppy we send home here.

Be sure you are not confused by any similarly named products! This is NOT the same as NutriVet! One look at the ingredients should tip you off, but also know that NuVet is not available anywhere but through their website with a referral code from a pet professional (ours is 52720). If you find it available anywhere else, it isn't NuVet!

Also, check out their shampoo and ear care products while you're there :)



Cedarcide Original

This is our absolute go-to for pest prevention. We do not use or recommend flea or tick medication or medicated collars as the ingredients are harmful to your dog AND to your human family! Cedarcide (alone or with a food/water additive I list below) is all we use and recommend. It is all natural, has excellent reviews, and we have amazing results for insects at all stages of life. It is recommended for protection from biting insects including fleas, ticks, mosquitos, mites, and ants. At our farm, you will find a small spray bottle by every door, in every building, in every vehicle, and even in the diaper bag! We use it for our animals and our people----babies, children, puppies, pregnant mamas, etc.

My link is for the 32 ounce size (I believe) but is available for purchase in larger sizes and can be split at home into small bottles like the ones I list further down the page! A bottle does last a long time, but it is great to have lots of small bottles so it is available wherever you need it!




Small Spray Bottles

We use these plastic bottles to have Cedarcide available in many locations! Make sure you are buying bottles that are UV treated so that the oil doesn't lose it's properties!



Small Funnel

This makes pouring the Cedarcide into smaller bottles WAY easier.....trust me, this little gem has saved me LOTS of money in spilled Cedarcide :)



Diatomaceous Earth

We use Diatomaceous Earth all over the place around here! Not only is excellent for you pet's hair, skin, nails, and many internal systems when added to food, but it can also be used to kill fleas at all life stages in their coat, bedding, carpet, etc. We have good luck, when given internally, helping to cut down on flies as the DE in the animal's feces prevents many fly eggs laid there from hatching. It is a mechanical kill and bugs cannot build a resistance to it-----and it has no harmful side effects to your home or family! Just be sure that you buy food grade, and don't breathe it in directly as any sort of dust in your lungs is an irritant. This is also what we use to worm and kill lice in pigs and cattle. It is also wonderful for bugs on your plants and in the garden!



Raw, Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is good for about a billion things in people and in dogs.....and cows......and pigs.....you get the picture! We add it to our dogs water at a rate of approximately 1 T per 50 lbs and it changes the taste of their skin and sweat to deter mosquitos, fleas, and ticks! And----as opposed to flea, tick, and heartworm medications that are poisoning your dog-----ACV gives the added benefit of helping with everything from arthritis and joint health to digestion to bladder issues to tooth and nail health, and more! And, because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, it's also a great treatment for minor cuts and skin issues! ACV is a must in our book-----but be sure it is RAW, UNFILTERED, and has the "mother" :)



Vaccines Explained by Dr. Coger

Vaccines are a hot topic and a confusing issue as every vet and every breeder recommends something a bit different. We are very conservative on vaccines, and recommend schedules as given by wholistic vets like Dr. Jean Dodds and Dr. Laurie Coger. If you are not informed about vaccines and the damage they can cause to your pets and family, this book is a great place to start. I haven't written up our official recommendations on vaccines or exactly what we do, but I will link to it here when I do!



Mister Ben's Ear Wash & Ear Tonic

With any breed of dog that has ears that flop down, ear care is often overlooked, but very important! We LOVE the ingredients and effectiveness of Mister Ben's. These products are easy to use and provide relief from ear infections, itching, odors, bacteria, mites, fungus, and yeast. AND they do all of this while still using natural ingredients----including cold pressed, organic aloe to soothe immediately!

Mister Ben's also donates a part of every sale to a dog rescue facility :)




Beef Benjies

One of our favorites----and yes, it belongs in the treat section, but based on all the health disrupting ingredients in the vast majority of treats available, we decided to put it in the "Health" section, too!

Mister Ben's Beef Benjies are freeze dried USDA beef and nothing else! Dogs LOVE them, and you can be confident that you are not only preventing them from ingesting the yucky ingredients in most treats, but giving them extra nutrition! These are a training and treat must! This link is (I believe) to the 240 treat container, which is 2 pounds of beef :)





Like the treats listed above, no, these aren't exactly a "Health" item.....but due to the fact of the toll many bone substitutes (such as rawhide) can have on your dog's health, we decided to include these on our "Health" page. The links below are for three different bones from three different companies.....just to show you that these are not hard to get! In our opinion, there is no reason to be using anything other than real bone for your dogs chewing needs. As bones are what every bone-like toy is made to mimic, why not have the real thing? They are great for your dogs teeth, and actually have nutrition to them as well. Don't spend your money on bone imitations-----get the real thing! Do be careful, though, to make sure the bones you select haven't been soaked in or treated with something your dog shouldn't have. The bones in the links provided meet our criteria at the time of posting!










Wormer (Fenbendazole)

Deworming your dogs is very important! We do it 3 times here before they leave, but it is crucial that this continue every two weeks until they are 12 weeks old, then monthly until at least 6 months old, and then usually 2-4 times a year after that, or as prescribed by your vet. If you do not continue with your pup's deworming, frankly, they WILL get worms. All they have to do is come in contact with another dog's (or almost any animal's) poop, drink out of a puddle, touch contaminated soil, etc. Worms just are something that puppies get!

Unfortunately, every time you go to the vet's for pup to be wormed, your pup is exposed to a whole host of other things, and you are charged! We recommend worming you dog at home. It is absolutely just as effective, it is safe, it is cheap, and it is easy! We recommend fenbendazole, which is referred to as Panacur in dogs. One of it's other names is Safeguard.....and it is generally much cheaper under the name Safeguard. I know, I know.....the link I supplied below has a picture of a goat! Yes. It is the same thing in a different potency. Search within the reviews----at the time of posting, there are 152 reviews for dogs, and 36 for puppies. We use the dosage chart listed here: http://www.dreamydoodles.com/fenbendazole/

Also, please be aware that there is currently a tricky campaign being run in the world of the parasite Giardia. Vets who have never tested for Giardia before on a dog without symptoms are now routinely running the Eliza SNAP test. I have recently been made aware that it is sold to vets telling in the literature that it will increase their clinic revenue. Something like 90% of randomly tested dogs will test positive for Giardia with this test! Are all of these dogs sick? Absolutely not! From my understanding, the test reads for a material that that is in the coating around Giardia.....which is present just about everywhere and does not necessarily mean your dog is infected. If you take a healthy pup to the vet and they come back with giardia from a test (especially if there wasn't actually Giardia SEEN in the smear) I would suggest doing  your own research before moving forward with their often expensive treatment! We have never dealt with Giardia in our dogs, but from those who have and have told us about it, believe me, you will know if your dog has Giardia! Foul smelling, foamy diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, etc. In the case that your dog actually DOES get Giardia, call your vet, and Safeguard/Fenbendazole/Panacur should take care of it given at a dose of 1 CC to 2.2 lbs for 5 days.