Check out our puppies in their homes!

stella - mo2.jpg

Stella in MO

Hi! My name is Stella and I am an F1Cockapoo and was born on Mill Creek Family Farm on April 6, 2018. I loved it there! The family there were so smart about breeding and raising puppies, that they really got me off to a good start. This is my 3rd day in my new home and I can already sit and I go potty outside too! I went to see a doctor and he says I am perfect! Everyone loves me and they tell me all the time what a good girl I am. My new mom says I am the sweetest and happiest puppy that she has ever known. She is right, too, and it’s all because of my GREAT START at Mill Creek Family Farm.
PS: This is Stella’s new Mom and I totally agree ;)

Rudi - IL - home.jpg

Rudi in IL

Rudi is 3lbs 15oz and saw the vet today!!

Rudi learned to squeek his toy - Ha ha I alway know where he is and how to get him to follow I squeek the toy!!

Jefe - DC.JPG

Jefe in Washington DC

He was great on the flight and he is quite the show stopper. Overall he’s a joy! Thank you again for everything, you have been amazing.


Benne in IL

Thank you for the gift of Benne!   We love him!   He is a sweet, smart, fun, inquisitive, charming little guy!  He obviously has been dearly loved!

We thank you for all of your care, dedication, work, endless time to bring such beautiful puppies into this world.  They will bring much joy to many people!

We had a long, 9 hour car ride yesterday.  Benne did great!  No accidents!  We stopped every 2-3 hours and he peed immediately!

Molly - MI - home.jpg

Molly in MN

She is such a sweetie.  We are loving her!!

Accident free so far in the house and crate!! Thank you again for all you guys did it raising these great puppies.



Benjamin in Ohio

Just wanted to update you on our big boy! He is doing very well, eating like a champ, playing and sleeping great! Only one accident with potty training. He is so very smart! ‘I have already taught him how to sit! I happened to click your latest you tube video of Lily’s litter and he heard your voice and began looking for you! Kind of broke my heart, but I just wanted to let you know he hasn’t forgot where he came from! Kinda of makes me wish we would have gotten two puppies. I’ll send a picture as soon as I can get him to be still in front of the camera—I don’t know how you did it!

Eva - ND.JPG

Eva in ND

Eva is doing well – getting used to our routine.  She’s a delight. Thanks!

stella - mo3.jpeg

Stella in MO

Stella is 13 weeks old today and just had her very first groomer appointment this morning. She did not like it one bit! But, omg, is she cute! Doing well

molly mi 4mos.jpg

Molly in MI

This pretty girl was featured on her walker's Instagram----who could resist sharing a cute face like that?


Holly in TX

Hello!  The trip back went smoothly.  She just took a nap on the plane - no problem.

She’s been doing well the last few nights.  She whimpered a little bit the first night, but has not made a sound the last two nights!  I couldn’t believe it.  This crate thing really works!  

She’s doing a good job using the bathroom outside, with just a few accidents (no accidents inside the crate).

She’s been a great, happy dog and my whole family is crazy about her!  

Thanks for all your help.  Y’all did a great job with your first Cockapoo litter!

Lando - NE - home.jpg

Lando in NE

We’ve been home for about 2 hours now. Lando slept most of the way home, but he wasn’t ready to potty when he first woke up, so we got back on the road. About 20 minutes later he reached up toward Dan’s face and whined once so we pulled off at the next exit and he went right after we set him in the grass. We are so grateful for the foundation in potty training you started. He’s met most of the household and everything has been great!

bj home - oh.jpg

BJ at home in OH

Our little big guy is growing by leaps and bounds-7.5 pounds!

rudi il 4mos.jpg

Rudi in IL

Isn't this boy handsome after his visit to the groomer?!?!