Our Males



Sheriff is our original male, and the daddy to all of the puppies we have sent home. He is a wonderful boy, very good natured, and a hard worker!

Our plan is for Sheriff to retire Summer of 2019 in order to make our full transition to being all AKC with our puppies.



Ranger is our growing future papa! We brought him in as a puppy, and he will one day take Sheriff’s place. He is a very sweet boy, and is absolutely the picture of the AKC breed standard! He came to us from a farm in Alabama, and we are so happy to have him.

Our plan is for Ranger to take over as “Dad” in Fall of 2019 as we transition to being fully AKC with our program.

*Updated picture coming soon!!*

Our Breeding Females



Sammy is a beautiful girl, and she has produced some amazing puppies for us! She is one of our more people-oriented dogs, but still does an awesome job guarding! She was whelped on a goat farm and her daddy took on a mountain lion at 10 months old! She is a careful mama who takes great care of her puppies.



Betty and her sister Ellie (see below) were we added in anticipation of Sally and Sadie retiring in 2019. We brought her in as a pup from a beautiful small farm with a great family. She is a hair more people oriented than her sister, but is still an excellent guardian! Her coat is absolutely amazing!



Ellie is a littermate to Betty. We have raised her since she was a puppy, and she is a beautiful girl. She has a great disposition, and is all business….although she will take time to snuggle with our toddlers when she gets the chance! What a girl :)