All-Natural, Grassfed Angus and Angus/Hereford Beef

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Cows have been a part of life here from day 1. However, we fell into the mind-trap that there was just one way to raise them. It involved pouring them with poisons for pest control, vaccinating, medicating, and feeding things that we didn't want to eat ourselves. We know better now. As kids came along, and we did our research, we decided that what we were doing wasn't getting us what we wanted. We started changing how we raised them, and although a group of our high quality calves would routinely top the sale, the traditional market in our area wasn't rewarding our practices. So, we decided to bring our product directly to consumers who would appreciate them.....and here we are!

We start with high quality cows that we know well. Most of the girls we have now are ones we sourced as first calf heifers out of Wyoming during the drought of 2012, and their daughters that have been born and raised here. It was an opportunity for us to jump into high quality Black Angus cows from century old ranch bloodlines, and it has been great for us! We bred these girls for years to our two registered Hereford bulls, Vendicator and Hondo (who was the alternate to the National Hereford Expo as a yearling), and were rewarded with amazing black-white-faced babies. These boys served us very well, but, with several of their beautiful daughters having been saved back, we transitioned in 2017 to two young, purebred Black Angus bulls. This means that the beef we sell is either 100% black Angus, 50% black Angus with 50% Hereford, or 75% black Angus with 25% Hereford.

In case you aren't familiar with cattle breeds, Angus is the #1 beef breed in the United States and is known for it's marbling and rib-eye size, while the Hereford is the #2 beef breed in the United States and is famous for natural beef tenderness and excellent foraging abilities (a big plus when it comes to grass-fed!). In other can't go wrong with any combination of these two breeds! We're bringing you the best there is!

Our cattle are raised full time on pasture mainly consisting of brome, orchardgrass, timothy, and clover. They are never in a lot. Ever. And when the grass is gone for the winter, we provide hay that we spent the summer mowing, raking, and baling ourselves.

We keep our cows on a high quality natural mineral, natural salt, raw Apple Cider Vinegar, and Diatomaceous Earth at all times. This combination helps health tremendously as well as helping to control flies and other pests. This lets us keep traditional chemical wormers and pesticides out of your meat. Plus, the raw Apple Cider Vinegar enhances meat tenderness. Here in southwest Iowa--where there is a feedlot every few miles and "corn is king"--it still gets us teased at the local feed store, but we know that's what we want on our table, so that's how we raise it for yours.

Come visit our Premium Natural Meats page to learn more about how to bring our fantastic grass-fed Angus/Hereford beef or purebred pastured Berkshire pork home to your freezer!

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