final purchase and pick-up

It's time to bring puppy home!!!!

     We keep puppies with mom and their littermates for 8 weeks. We do not send puppies home early. We ask everyone to plan for pickup the weekend (Friday through Sunday) of or following their 8 week birthday. These dates will be made clear as soon as puppies are born so that you have 8 weeks planning time to figure things out :) If puppies must remain here past that time, this can be worked out if we are available, but there is a daily boarding fee from the Monday after they are 8 weeks old until they are picked up. This fee will be added, in cash, to your balance at pick-up. We REALLY want your puppy to be with you at the 8 week mark as it is such an important time for bonding. We feel that this gives you and puppy the best possible start to your life together!
    Puppies go home one of three ways, we plan to meet up in person to send puppy with you, we meet you at the airport for you to fly home with puppy in cabin, or we ship puppy to you. If puppy needs to fly, we do prefer that a member of your family flies in and meets us and takes the puppy home as carry on. We can fly puppies in cargo, but we are limited by timing and temperatures. Since it is an option with the 8 week size of the Cockapoos, we do prefer that you fly to get your puppy. Flying puppies cargo is doable....but is our least preferred method of travel.
     If you fly in to pick up puppy, the arrangements will be up to you, and the only extra cost to us will be a traveling fee to the airport (2 hours from our home). We will meet you at the airport with puppy. If you prefer to rent a car to come meet us, there is no extra fee owed to us. In this case, you can pay the balance on the puppy and your fee ahead of time, or in cash when we meet.
     If we fly puppy to you, we will take care of all the arrangements, vet visits, carrier, and taking puppy to airport for our shipping fee. This fee changes depending upon airline pricing, so contact us if you are interested in finding out the costs to ship. In this scenario, the balance of the puppy and all shipping costs must be paid (and have time to clear, if applicable) prior to our shipping puppy. 
     If you pick puppy up, we will plan a location to meet, and puppy will ride home with you! You may pay the balance ahead of time, or pay in cash when you pick puppy up.
     Regardless of how you arrange to receive puppy, keep in mind that any money paid through PayPal will be subject to a 3.5% fee. We cover this on the deposit, but if you choose PayPal instead of sending money order or bringing cash, the fee will be your responsibility.