Beef is sold with the option of purchasing a whole, half, or quarter of a beef. We do have a limited number of fat cattle each year, so we require a non-refundable PayPal deposit of $400 for a whole beef, $200 for a half of a beef, or $150 for a quarter beef in order to reserve your meat. This deposit will go against your total.

After we receive your deposit, we will handle the raising and feeding of the animal, setting up an appointment with the butcher, and delivering to the processor. Payment in full for the beef is due to us when we contact you with hanging weight, and before you specify your cuts to the butcher. After we receive our full payment, we will notify the locker to contact you so that you can customize how you want your meat cut and packaged. Unless other arrangements are made, you are responsible for picking up meat at the locker and paying the butcher for his work when you collect your meat. When you place your deposit, we will inquire about your location, and will make arrangements for you pig at one of the two lockers we use: Atlantic, Iowa or Stanberry, Missouri, and notify you of the planned processing date.


We sell by the whole, 1/2, or 1/4 as follows:

  1. Whole Beef: ***$4.00*** per pound hanging weight

  2. Half Beef: ***$4.25*** per pound hanging weight

  3. Quarter Beef: ***$4.50*** per pound hanging weight

This is the price paid to Mill Creek Family Farms for the purchase of your animal. Your deposit will be subtracted from this price, and payment will be due in full in order for you to customize your cuts with the butcher.


The cost of processing is separate, and will be paid to the locker on pick-up day. ***This means you must come prepared to pay the processor on pick up day! Your beef will be in your name with cuts specific to your ordering. We do not pay the butcher!*** Processing costs run as follows at the time of publishing this page. Keep in mind, we have no control over the change in costs at the lockers, but hopefully this will give you an idea of price, and a better understanding of the process.

  1. We are currently working to set up with a new locker for our Missouri/Kansas customers. We will update here with prices as soon as we have someone in place!!

  2. If your beef is processed at the Atlantic, Iowa locker:
    $.75 per pound hanging weight on wholes and halves
    $.78 per pound hanging weight on quarters

Next availablility expected Fall 2019!!!

All-Natural Grassfed Beef Deposit (No PayPal account required)

As is the nature of filling your freezer direct from the farm, weights and measures are not as uniform as the grocery store, so we can't give you an exact price on your beef until they are butchered. However, the price per pound hanging will remain the same regardless of weight. From there, variables such as how the individual animal dresses, how you cut your meat, the selection of boneless cuts, etc, will determine exactly how much meat you haul home to your freezer. This makes it impossible to plan for an exact dollar amount, however here is an example of how averages would work out for a 1/2 beef processed at the Stanberry, MO location without selecting all boneless cuts (This IS NOT a guarantee of the EXACT price of your custom ordered beef, but a basic EXAMPLE meant to show how the math works out):

In order to reserve your half of an Angus/Hereford beef, we require a non-refundable $200 deposit ($400 for a whole beef and $150 for a quarter). If you animal is butchered at 1200 pounds live weight, and dresses at 60%, and you are taking 1/2, the hanging weight would be:

1200 x .60 = 720 / 2 = 360 LBS HANGING

You would then pay us $4.25 a pound for 360 lbs ($4.00 a pound for a whole beef or $4.50 for a quarter). So:

360 x 4.25 = $1530 FULL PURCHASE PRICE FOR 1/2 BEEF

Minus PayPal deposit means:


Now the butchered beef is all yours, and we will give the locker your phone number. They will let you know when your meat is available for pick-up. When you pick up your beef, you must be prepared to pay the processor (price will be figured differently based on which locker you use):

$45 + (.45 x 360) = $207 DUE TO PROCESSOR

So, for the animal in our example, you would pay a grand total of:

1530 + 207 = $1737 TOTAL COST FOR YOUR 1/2 BEEF

So, how much meat will you bring home? For that, we jump back to our hanging weight of 360 lbs, then figure an average yield of 65% meat. For our example hog, this leaves you:

360 x .65 = 234 LBS OF BEEF

And, finally, we can figure your price per pound with our example animal at:


You can expect this meat to be approximately 1/3 steaks, 1/3 roasts, and 1/3 burger, depending on how you customize your beef. That means a GOOD price for fresh-from-the-farm grass-fed hamburger and an AMAZING price for fresh-from-the-farm premium grass-fed roasts and steaks! And if you are able to budget for a whole beef in this same example, the price per pound would be even lower!

And if you just can't commit the money right now, but you want to plan for beef in the future, contact us to learn how to lock in your price with our no interest payment plan!


Next availability expected Fall 2019!

All-Natural Grassfed Beef Deposit (No PayPal account required)